At Ocean Fresh Fish, we are proud of our commitment to quality & safety, we are honored to be recognized by local Publications, Industry Journals and Local & national business associations.

 - In May 10th, 2009 Ocean Fresh Fish has joined The Golden List issued by Jordan Customs in it includes the verification of compliance with customs and safety requirements.


- In December 5th, 2010 Ocean Fresh Fish obtained ISO 22000:

Ocean Fresh Fish is offering safe and high quality products which meet and exceed the expectations of our clients and that is accomplished by adhering to the instructions of our food safety management regulation ISO 22000:2005 which considers food quality and safety and customer satisfaction as one of its main goals.


- In July 1st, 2011 Ocean Fresh Fish has also obtained Safety 1st Certificate where it covers all the needed procedures which has to be followed in the entity and which  ensures the safety and quality of food through the stages of preparing, storage, transport, distribution, selling and serving.


- Lately Ocean Fresh Fish has joined The Golden trader list program and it was the first Jordanian company which obtained The Golden Trader Certificate/ first class from Jordan Food & Drug Administration and that is within the policy of Ocean Fresh Fish aimed at developing its businesses by the participation with the governmental institutions and Jordan Food & Drug Administration which cares about the safety of food served to the customer and within the company continuous effort to provide safe and healthy food for the Jordanian customer.





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